Manifold and Schwazz

Hello All,

First time poster, long time grower. Joined recently to get more involved in a cannabis community. Who doesn’t enjoying looking at pics of cannabis? My recent grow that completed just before the Holidays was an InHouseGenetics SlurricaneIX which was manifolded and a Jack47 by Mephisto which was manifolded and Schwazz’d.

Both plants were grown under an LED in supersoil and were fed mostly H2O until flower. DIY CO2 and a diluted fishsh!t /kelp foliar spray throughout veg. Once I flipped to flower I started feeding nutes, blackstrap and more CO2.

My opinions vary on these two techniques.

Manifolding was a massive space saver and imo allowed more light to enter the canopy which in turn produced some fairly decent Buds for an indoor grow. Even canopy with little effort from early training. This InHouse strain handled so much stress I was really impressed.

Schwazzing on the other hand, well the plant stacked buds better, but I’m on the fence about this. The obvious - name is ridiculous. A day or two before flip to flower I went ahead and stripped all growth and left her to her devices. I read all about how the plant doesn’t need those leaves and figured what the hell, let’s give it a try. I intend to do more testing in future grows with this technique, but imo at this time this technique is more fad than fact.

Next up

Anyone here using these techniques? Care to share your opinions on them?



Also the supplemental red lighting was provided to me via amazon based on my honest review (I buy a lot of stuff). I would not recommend it. Imo it did nothing. It also has its own built in timing mech and was a few days before I realized the supplemental was turning on 5 minutes prior to lights on regularly. Each day 5 minutes sooner. After a week I caught it and moved it to a timer.

The light is junk, it’s been recycled, an honest review posted on amazon that I highly doubt is posted. :man_shrugging::joy:


Looking good. Your experience shows in your grow.

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Welcome! Very nice.

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I use similar techniques but more of lollipop rather then complete grooming to the last tier leaves.

I find if you leave a complete canopy the results are a bit faster recovery and transition into flower.

This past grow I didn’t do as much as I should and know I’ll be paying for that soon enough.

Removing anything smaller then a #2 pencil to the top of canopy really allows for a good start of cola location.

Great grow!! Keep it up and look forward to see what you do next


Nice post, thank you for sharing.

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Very nice!

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Very nice. Beautiful plants

@ArmoredGoat please tell me what you are petting in your profile pic.

It’s like a mini kangaroo

Some lesser humans call it “chicken of the tree”

Happy New Year Bob

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A squirrel? It’s a freaking dorable!!!


Back at it again…

New grow, new manifolds in place a few weeks from seed. No help needed, just posting pics of progress.

The pics below are in-house Genetics platinum Scout V2, but there are a few others in this tent and all look the same, supreme grapes (in-house) & relentless genetics frosted sherbet. Once I get a strong base and 8-16 tops I typically remove the inner fan leaves as seen below. My theory is this provides better light penetration and forces the plant to put its energy into the tops/stimulating new growth.

No nutes used so far, in supersoil (hot) and only water has been provided. Won’t add nutes until flower. DIY co2 using milk gallons, air tubing, sugar and dry yeast (typically last a few days before needing recharged eg add more sugar).

Runoff tests well in acceptable ranges

Just a few weeks ago


Will likely schwazz the frosted sherbet. Plants are progressing well. Video in the works. Flip date is scheduled for 2/29, but the plants growth over the next two weeks with determine this.

Hope everyone’s been well!


Sweet, a leap year flip! Looking awesome! I may have missed it but how long has the manifolded plant been vegging?

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Manifolds were in place on January 26th

Germ was January 9th

Playing around with a shareable calendar


Looks like a herm to me. Any other perspectives?

Looks all female

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I agree, I don’t see any Male parts

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Thanks! Found balls on another plant in this tent and mixed up the pics. 2 ladies one fella. Fella removed

Platinum Scout V2

Supreme Grapes


Supreme grapes entering the final days before 48 hours of darkness

Closeups taken about 14 days ago when they were mostly clear.