Manicuring your buds

Is it a sin to not manicure your harvest?

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I assume you mean trimming the sugar leaves and if you don’t your smoke is harsher and slightly less potent

I understand the harsher bit but not less potent, can you explain how it is less potent. Trying to learn something here. Thanks.


Well if your smoking the sugar leaf then your not smoking bud and the sugar leaf has far less trichomes

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Welcome to the community ! If you are making edibles or oil probably be fine. But I would be curious why you would not want to trim the buds that you’re planning on smoking.

Been smoking since I was 16, now 66. We (old farts) got used to seeds and stems. Some sugar leaves cant “delute” the smoke that much, can it???


I remember @Audiofreak the compressed weed days stems, seeds an Shake. Didn’t really matter what part of the world it was coming from It’ was compressed. And yes lot of sugar leafs compressed with it. Some much better than others.

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I grew 11 plants this year and I’m in the process of drying, weighing and storing them. I don’t have any help so I just try to trim the obvious. After smoking pot for over 40 years my tolerance level is so high that I don’t believe that I can tell the difference between manicured and not. It’s all for fun and the people I give it away to never complain :sunglasses::pray:t2:

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I relate to AudioFreak. I’m just thankful that I can now legally grow some awesome weed instead of supporting any criminal activity and paying a lot of money for it. No more dirt weed …thank god.

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