Manicuring / trimming auto gold leaf

is it a good thing or a bad thing to do ?

When specifically are you asking about? You should trim leaves off at harvest. Is that what you mean?

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I have Gold Leaf growing now, sitting at 5 weeks in. They’re my first grow. The fan leaves get HUGE and they were blocking light from other nodes. I tucked for a bit but they would pop back out in a few hours. I finally decided to remove the large leaves blocking the nodes. So glad I did. The nodes exploded with growth.

Definitely get rid of the fan leaves so more light penetrate the light to the other flowers on your plant. They grow back pretty fast. Before and after pictures of my GSC.


@MrPeat personally would not get rid of all of them if there’s one or two that you wanna clip off that’s fine but they use the sugar from the leaves at the end of flower I normally leave everything alone and will trim a few things here and there but don’t go crazy but that’s my advice @Cantankerous


@Hogmaster I actually feed my plants some sugar water so that isn’t an issue for me.

i meant trimming

thanks for the info

ok thats the info i have been after, many thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

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Ah, sorry. Looks like Hogmaster got you squared away.


This is my first grow, a learning experience.

Schizandra, an Autoflower, took twelve weeks to flower.

This week marks her thirteenth week which ends this Sunday, two days from now.

I’ve just gone and cut-off much of her fan leaves to provide more light to branches below.

There are still many small fan leaves around each budding flower.

Now, let’s see what happens . . . :maple_leaf:

Before the cutting of fan leaves

Much of her fan leaves have been cut

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I recommend not doing it because stress is the plan out and then you end up with a bunch of seeds you guys have fun

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I would just like to find out for myself, trial and error.

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Absolutely that’s what it is for every time I grow I like playing see what new I can figure out