Mango kush seeds no good?


Hi everyone. Has anyone else had problems with ILGM mango kush seeds not sprouting. I got the widows mix pack and fruity kush mix pack a while ago and have nearly used all seeds and most have done very well. Out of my 5 mango kush seeds I have tried to get 4 of them going. Have used 3 different methods starting them off but not 1 seed has sprouted. Had other seeds down at the same time so they would have had friends to grow up with and all those have done fine except for a white widow who also never came out of his she’ll either. Would there be any reason why the mk is not sprouting apart from dud seeds or do they maybe take a lot longer or need to use a different process to get them going? I have 1 seed lefto and any help to get it going would be much appreciated thanks.


Contact ILGM support email. They’ll get you replacements. Sorry no help on the other part I’ve not tried them. Yet.


I had 1 sprout out of 3 I have 2 more but not yet tried to germinate . The only one that sprouted I put in napkin wet and in plastic zip lock put in dark and forgot about it for 3 days .