Manganese deficiency

im growing 6 strains 3 hazes and Gold Leaf, Big Bud, and Chocolope. Im using organic bloom tea and super soil in 18 gallon totes. Im getting manganese deficiencies on some of my lower leaves. What can i use to correct this deficiency? My additives are Purple Maxx, Crystal Burst, Bloom Booster by Skunk Labs, and MKP 52-32 Bloom. My organic tea is Skinny Chicken Organic Tea from ebay. Also im using 6 oz of unsulphered molasses per 5 gallons of bloom mix. Is there anything i can correct this deficiency with.? thanks marco

@4bblformby, I would suggest by looking for a mangenes ford product, fox farms cha Ching is a essential oil producer and does contain manganese id loose one of the nutrients and add that very little though.

One more thing are you sure its manganese, manganese will form brown spots and look very similar to pest problems

Please - re-think nutrients - you are over-feeding - what stage of growth are you in (remember Less is Best) Now you should flush and re-adjust amounts and feeding x’s. by the sounds of it you are i flower ?

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yea im positive its not pest probs. never have them. the leaves do have little brown spots. thats why i looked at manganese def. manganese is a totally different chemical than magnesium right?

yes they are different

Yes you can find it in vitamin b1 and most flower foods

im in flower and have different plants at different stages. its not a major problem. its only a few little leaves at the bottom of a couple of plants out of say 40. most are super healthy and have high resin and trichome production. i never flush because im growing organic. my smoke is so smooth that you cant tell you even took a hit. most of my plants are super heavy nute users. i only have a few that are finiky but ive gotten my additive combo down pretty good. i have always heard less nutes is better but i only feed organic bloom tea with certain bloom additives. i never have nute burn never. i use the max recommended amount per gallon and have never had any problems. i think its my organic tea because the guy i get it from off of ebay makes it in batches. i think some batches are a little different from time to time because of how much at a time he makes. so its probably that. never had it before. i would however like to find out how to get my buds hard and not as loose like some are. if i could get my buds rock hard i could make alot more $.

well then it is in my mix. i use Crystal Burst thats strait B-1 mostly. Maybe i could add a bit more.

Well if you add more keep me posted