Mandarine 47 Bagseed x4

3 tiny plants in flowering week 3-4 only two of them possibly dying lol, starting to feel i have the hang of it SOMEWHAT. So let’s do a grow diary finally.

Have 4 seeds that came from a Mandarine 47 bag that I just plopped into distilled water a hour ago. Picking up some coco coir in the morning and doing a 1:1 with perlite?

Have a 13w 4100k fluorescent and a 15w 5000k fluorescent need to get a new bulb for another up to 100w fixture will I need more to establish seedlings the first couple of days to transition to a hlg 135w qb v2 rspec. Shifty 1000w bloomspect blurple stored away if needed I have bloom city cal-mag, bionide root stimulator, and florabloom all handy, I should be getting grow and micro from the same company right?

2x2 tent that should be cleared up for some solo cups for a couple weeks, really regretting not spending the extra 25$ for a bigger tent lol

Soil ph meter broke somehow so need a new one and just calibrated digital ph meter and tds meter ready to go. Am I missing anything? ALL ADVICE AND TIPS WELCOME!


All 4 popped and showing taproot, transferred to paper towel and plates! Coco is cleaned, buffed and ready for EC flush tomorrow before a couple possible sewn seeds!


Good luck. Ill tag and watch with ya.

All four seeds were put into their solo cups today, surprisingly woke up to 1/2 inch taproot on all of them. Coco EC range about 56-93 between the four cups, have one humidity dome making three more after work. How long do these generally stay on? Went with a 2:1 coco perlite mix

The domes?? Usuall til u get a good set of leaves then u can take dome off

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Have 3 that popped so far, probably should of waited to drop them tomorrow night since one has a little stretch from me being at work the last two days on doubles. Will provide photos when I get home!

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Moved one to in the tent tucked under another plant kind of, other two are under a 13 and 15w fluorescent CW lights, about 5500 lux of light for all three, still waiting on the fourth seed to make its appearance!


Feeding 5 mls 2x a day, distilled water with calmag and a splash of root stimulator, mainly to help ph water to 6.5(don’t have ph up or down yet due to finances) runoff 6.5 ec 65 (coco buffered to 95 before sewing.) Think one may be suffering from slight under water or to strong light intensity, running at about 10000 lumens! Tent environment at 72 degrees and 45-50 rh, don’t have a way to measure rh inside of humidity dome


Seedling on back right has some of seed still stuck to it

Fluorescent lights were having them stretch a bit so have them dedicated in the tent now, flowering plants may be a little mad from the half light intensity, but plan on making at least two of these into monsters!

Is this one of those 3 leaf mutations I’ve been hearing about? @Mark0427 @Covertgrower @Slym3r

Just got her seed helmet off about a hour ago


Im not sure about that but if it is a third small coty. Cool as heck. More leaf to get her started.

@kaptain3d @Green707Thumb @CoyoteCody any ideas on this lil one

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Does this look like light intensity damage? I’m gonna be upset because I don’t think it’ll make it unless that third leaf is a badass Dx

Or is that just because the leaves came apart today


Would be my guess - give this ugly duckling a lil time :v:t4:


Yep lil time and do t keep it too close to light. Keep a dome over it til the next set of leaves

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Naw thats just a weird baby. She will come back to normal in 2 leave nodes. Little cutie though

The ‘tri’ leaf was actually the first serrated that for whatever reason pulled that xD, two of them have caught pretty well, ec for feeds is 300 currently ph run off is 6.5, each water will be ph’d to 5.8 until lowered, run off for ec tonight was 100. Last night inflow for ec was 300 for first time from 100, is that 100 runoff expected?

Was watering 2-3x through out day with only 5 mls of water around base, but moved to one a day 3 days ago and saw MUCH better results

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Lol disregard fly strip xD one of my ladies in flower has a small gnat problem after flushing two times in a three day span against my better judgements to help leaves twisting

Finally got this feeding coco down, I wasn’t getting good ec runoff, I upped my quantity of water given to half the volume of the soil (was doing 30 mls a feed lol) my last run of was ec 398! The two I tried this with are thriving now! Big growth today from the last 6 days!

Its serrated leaves at least doubled in size from 12 hours ago! Feeding with half strength calmag and fox farm grow big ph’d to 5.8 ec of inflow is 470

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