Manage electric

Just wondering how everyone managed their electric needs. Seems like I have extension cords running from every outlet in basement to grow tent Not sure that’s the best idea or way to do that.

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I’ve got a few heavy duty cords with plug boxes at the end.( 15 amp rated cords )
It cuts down on some of the extra cords needed to run things.
A couple of 20 amp breakers dedicated to your grow area should handle things safely.
Biggest thing is to make sure that there are NO overloaded ckts.
Very important.
No grow is worth your home. :wink::+1::v:


Oldguy covered it. I have a 20amp rated cord/plugs. Everything I have going is under 15A here’s my list.
Exhaust fan
Circulation fan
2 sets of lights capable of flowering
300W and 800w
Two light timers
One seedling heater mat

Haven’t had a problem yet, and everything runs from one outlet.


I haven’t popped a breaker yet and run just about the same covert does plus a window shaker AC unit… I’m 15amp at the panel with 75’ run to the shed. Shit he got me beat with lights im running 480 plus a quad t5…good luck


I use 15 amp cords too. I pull about 700 watts all on in my bigger tent.


I have 2 20amp circuits with 4 gang outlets . I plug the equipment that runs opposite with each other into the same outlet example: my HID lights and fan are plugged into the same outlet as my heater and humidity purge fan since my humidity is alway low during lights on and they throw enough heat I don’t need my heater or humidity fan until lights out. I use the the other outlet for my accessories ie: circ fans, pumps humidifier etc.


I ran 2, 15 amp circuits with double gang ends to room for equips.
I chose 15 so they can pop if needed due to fact I am in a mobile home and dont trust if I run 20amps.


thanks everyone… sounds like Im good except for the multiple outlets at the end of the cords. when you say 4 gang… is this a four outlet surge protector connected to a single plug outlet… if so are there better ones to get… or do you 'hard" wire four outlets on the end of the cord… with box and outlets? TIA

4 gang outlet


Ahh… ok I see. But nope… in my basement I have four outlets on the wall… two are just two outlets and two are even a single outlet plug on wall on two of the four outlets. So I need to change out the boxes and add one more dual outlet to them… for 4 like above and completely change the other two to the four ways? Wonder if just a good extension cord and a surge protector hooked into the cord at end would be easier for me… I will, but really hate messing with electric as I dont understand it enough.

I think it is important to just see what is on that circuit you plan to use. And what amp it is. You can always use a good quality extension cord with a power strip to get power closer to where it is needed. Just dont add a million cords to one outlet or gang box.
The 15 amp circuits I ran are just simple wire with box on end. I forget name of wire. Here’s a pic. This is just simple fix for me as I can remove it from box when I move this year.

I have 2 of these. I added them so I have dedicated circuits that dont run anything else in the home.

Edit: wow that looks so messy. I didnt notice how bad it was before hahaha. Many cords in that dont plug in the new power. There is a plug in wall for small fans behind tent that you see cords from as well.

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Thanks everyone! Some things to look at.

I have a 20A breaker that went to the pool that I pulled a nomax line and put a dual outlet in a box on the wall and then have ran ext cords from it to tent… so nothing else on it. I have also ran an ext cord from the one single plug and put a 6 way surge protector at the end of it for fans and heater and humidifier… but have had to use small cords to reach it with most… but nothing else on it either. Then inside tent I have all kinds of smaller ext cords running for fans - heaters - humidifier- led lights- exhaust This time was thinking of a top feed plant that will take a couple pumps to work so more cords. So may change out at least one of the double outlets for a 4-way gang to go with shorter cords at least. As much as I know about electric was hoping that I could get a 12 outlet surge protector and use just one cord and put the outlet at end of cord into tent and plug all into… but sounds like way to much to do that. Thanks again for the 4-way gang idea… sounds like it will help some.