MAMMOTH P for flower flip

set to flip here and I have a bottle of mammoth P. Should I use this with my fox farms nutes? any thoughts are appreciated. thanks! @Zee @ashhhh @Hellraiser @

I see people using it during flowering. Not sure if its mixed with fox farms. Dont see any harm in my opinion. Im sure someone more experienced with it will give you more info!

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Is it an additive? Not sure I would mix any others nutes, besides FF. Let Hell chime in.

im holding off.

Never used it and not a fan of mixing different nute brands but since that is not a “fertilizer” and just a microbial supplement, it’d be fine to use with any brand of nutes, kinda like using myco - just helps nutrient uptake.

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gotcha thanks. its around $100 a bottle and i got a free sample so dunno if ill use it.

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I used the Mammoth P on days when I just fed plain water. I also use FF nutes. Since the Mammoth P contains beneficial bacteria and such, I didn’t want to take a chance of my FF nutes nuking it.


great thinking. Hows it working out for you? right now the plants are getting watered about every 3 days or so but I take it that will change.

Worked great. I was amazed at the root mass.

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i also used xtreme mykos when i transplanted and once as a top dressing during water a few weeks ago, do you have a journal going?

I also use xtreme mkyos and azos. I do not have a journal. I am absolutely horrible about doing that. I keep saying that I will next time only next time hasn’t come yet!

Within the next week I plan on starting an auto or two in the 2x2 so we’ll see if I can actually do it this time.

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Mammoth P is the only supplement that actually lives up to the hype. I know the price tag sucks but that 16% yield increase is a low ball in my experience. It’s significant.

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