Mammoth P.... Any input welcomed

Anyone use this product? I just got my free sample in the mai today… Is it safe to use it in every watering?

Where does one get a free sample? I read about it in another thread and was thinking about trying it during my flower on one of my plants.

this is how i got my free sample Mammoth Microbes | Dude Grows

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Thanks @Edward7983, got it on the way. I was introduced to this from my local shop owner. Have not used it yet. Gonna introduce it to my next grow from the beginning as a test run. Got a sample from the shop but always good to bolster supplies. Thanks again for the link. Cheers!

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I have been using it every watering since my samples came in with no visible ill effects so far,…only been a week though,lol


Yeah @Oak me to but I am also wondering how long it takes for the microbes to work on the roots . Open them up and they suck up everything and get burnt plants . I am thinking about a flush tomorrow and a clean slate .