Males or hermes? HELP


I started lookin today and saw this. Im thinkin these 3 plants mite be all males or hemes. They were all seeds from a zip that sprouted. But im thinkin whats the odds all 3 are males. Is it because the 1st month and week or so of its life i was giving 12/12 light outside not knowin. Is that why? What should i do?


Still need a bit more time to tell. Keep an eye on it.


I’m with Otto; nothing to see yet.


Call it 3 now. Do I here an echo :joy:


So my light bill came in and i cannot afford to grow this plants in 18/6 no more. Im hoping they vegd enough i gotta do 12/12 and fig this out. No other way. All together 13 plants these 3 are the oldest tho. What u guys think i will pull? Or will anything happen. I just lst them last week. Just 2 outta 3 tho. Either flower them or dump em?


I say flower them something is better then nothing


1 week later


After 1 week of 12/12 a lil magic is starting to happen on day65


:+1:t3: Outta likes, so I’ll give you the thumb.


Day 72


When im i supposed to clip fan leaves and trim or how they say shave her legs


Feel free to lollipop them


Thats the problem…i have no idea how? When?



1 is not lookin to good



How do o know when their done?