Males or femalesq

anyone help me out here. First grow. 2 lifter cbd and 2 unknown thc. Lifter seeds came from trim and shake ounces from tweedle farms.

Not seeing signs of either yet

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How old?

6 weeks 5 days from seed. Just flipped to 12/12 as two are a bit taller and dont want to outgrow my space. In dwc bubble buckets. Under 5 ufo 50w led lights. Upgrading to a californialightworks cob550 asap and definitly before i start my autos i bought from ilgm

im concerned my lights are not sufficient. I know standard lux readers and apps dont measure intensity of LEDs correctly

No they usually don’t but led’s like most lights will have higher reading in the center and lower as you mover away from the center however your lights aren’t going to have an affect on when your plant shows it’s sex. Some plants depending on strain and genetics can take up to 8 weeks before showing signs of sex.

But 5 50 watt led’s aren’t going to get you a large yield with 4 plants. 5 50watt lights couldn’t get a max yield from one plant. The easiest way to know their sex is flip your light cycle and go ahead and flower them and within 2 weeks they’ll start to show sex organs.

Also trying using lst and possibly scrogging if you’re familiar to try and maximize your space limitations.

A few pics of my garden. No screen. I havent topped and only lightly pruned leaves when they showed distress. Read lots of recommendations about doing your first grow natural so as to gain a better understanding of the plant. Also using general hydro flora series nutes. Room is running around 74-77 f lights on and 70-72 when off. Rh around 50 always but very high today as had a lot of rain last few days and my room is in a basement. Dehu goes in today.

Let me correct. 50w draw. They output 250w each or more when i tested upon purchase. So i estimate it closer to 1000 conservatively. Still concerned about light though. Also space is only a constraint in height and i have just under 8ft vertical.

If you just flipped to 12/12 it may take a bit to sex, mine took about 3-7 days after to see what they were and I’m still waiting on one.
I can’t really see anything yet, may be too early.

Ohhh okay I’m sorry I thought you meant 50 watt as the output. That should do fine but even still with 4 plants you need closer to 2000 depending on how big you let them get before flowering.

If you have that much vertical height then you’d still be better scrogging. It’ll still keep your plants short and bushy but it’ll maximize your amount of available colas.

That’s my intention with my auto seeds. Again just wanted my first grow under my belt with plants natural form. It’s all a process to learn from and i am learning. I do have a log. Using an app called jane. Helps me track everything. Thanks for all the info. I’ll pay more pics in a few days if they start showing

So pretty sure this is a male but i am not confident in what i think i know. Help me out. All the same plant

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Yes definitely male these are mine they are female

So if you have other plants around in my opinion I would remove it because those little pods are full of pollen and they will pollen are the females but if that your only plant it’s your choice either way just giving my opinion🤙