Male's from female seeds?

I have a blueberry and also a super lemon Haze that are in there first week of flowering and are showing signs of male and not female. These are my very first feminized seeds I have ever bought , I have been growing from seeds and clones for 25+ years , I don’t know everything but I can tell the difference between a male and a female. As I said I don’t know everything and first time buying seeds. I want to get opinions ,has anyone had this happen before? Temperature is 78 degrees and humidity is around 48-55 ,600 watt HPS

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She’s definitely looking boyish. How old is she?

This is both blueberry and lemon ,both are 7 week’s give or take a day or two


Don’t see any hairs yet. A little skeptical. I would keep an eye on it. There’s still hope!

you are correct to be watching for male parts. i have a white widow auto that looks male and even produced a nanner. it’s now fully in flowering and female but took a long time to confirm

Are they from ILGM?

Yes, They are ilgm.

Hmmm… The bottom looks more suspect, but IF they are both males, then you can probably reach out to customer service. Maybe reach out to them should it get some nads. Hope it works out for the better!

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