Males; friend or foe?

I’ve read that males produce 2/3 the amount of THC that females do. Even read that some have made hash from males. I know that having a male in a garden of females is a SUPER bad idea. But hypothetically, if one was to wind up with only males or a male, can you really get high off male THC? On a side note, i do know that males are good for the pollen they produce. Another question i have is when and how do you collect this pollen? Then how, when, and where is the pollen applied to the female plant?

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Hey@Drillbit, I have never smoked male flowers, unless I am using males for breeding,usually if they are noticed they are out the door immediately. All plants have some thc but I believe the number one purpose of males is to pollinate females so i dont think thc production sits very high on their agenda. If you want to collect viable pollen its usually best if you have a separate area to move them into until they mature.Separate the males from your ladies and put them in their own room and let them mature until you see some pollen sacs popping open. Clip a small branch of the male and shake it inside a plastic bag or container to collect the pollen.The next step is critically important. Have a shower and change all the clothes you were wearing before going anywhere near the females Turn of all internal fans and extraction units in your female room.I use a cotton tip to apply pollen to 1 bud only. Label this bud with a tag with the name of the male , date of pollination etc. I hr after pollination, spray the pollinated female bud with plain water, this will render any pollen that has not made contact with female pistills unviable and will stop random pollination of other buds or plants. Its great fun and can produce some wonderful offspring.


I find males make the best tasting Cana butter

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You could start here… I’d post another link but I can’t. :slight_smile:

Basically you collect the male pollen sacs when they first start opening by cutting them off and putting them in a plastic bag… you shake the bag, the pollen comes out of the sacs… now you have a bag of pollen. There are some steps you need to take to keep it - dry it, etc. I think.

When you get a female candidate in flower, you can use a paintbrush to brush pollen on the part of the plant you want to get seeds from.

I’ve never actually done this, just read about it! So… take that FWIW… which is whatever you have on you already. :slight_smile:

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Great post! Thank you - I am getting ready to undertake an attempt at breeding and making feminized seeds, and this post really helped me out!


Great tip! Awesome post! Love this forum!!! Thanks @Bogleg!

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