Male seeds unfurling?

Hey all! I’ve been trying to sex 33 plants full time for the last 2 weeks. All germinated within 3-4 days of each other. I purchased a digital microscope to really get good looks at them. My first 9 definitive identifications were all female. That’s against normal growth/maturing habits… especially out of 33 plants?!? So I have been seeing a lot of what I’m going to load a pic of. In my opinion… with what looks like one ball on this particular plant… I’ve seen these on several of my plants

it looks like the ball/sac will unfurl from the two leaves? I’m a newbie so please give your input!!
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Title was supposed to say male… This is a shot to what I’m convinced is a seed being unfurled?

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If as parts are small enough you need magnification, it’s probably too early to sex your plants.

How old are they? Do you have a wider shot to show more of the plant?


*the parts

Thank you for responding. My thing is…i have 9 showing pistils. I’m definitely trying to determine sex early… but the sooner the better… for space and to reduce risk of pollination. From the 9 that produced pistils… the calyx was one piece… not two leaves. So it leads me to conclude that it’s not a true calyx? thanks for any input.
Happy Growing!! They’re about 5-6 weeks old… ideal time for pre flower right?

Your males will make themselves obvious well before you have to worry about pollination. Sacks are easily identifiable before they’re anywhere close to mature enough to seed your girls.

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I appreciate it. Still trying to free up space as well. Still 20 plants with a clone dome in my 2x4 veg tent. I really appreciate the reassuring words though… don’t want any guys around my girls. Plus I’m tired of feeding a bunch of good for nothing dudes :rofl:
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male seed pods are visible for a week before spewing pollen