Male seed in feminized seed pack from ILGM

I received a male in a pack of ‘feminized’ Super Silver Haze seeds from ILGM. It is NOT a hermi. I repeat this is a pure male plant and NOT a hermi. I’m quite ticked off about it too.

Im growing in soil, outdoors, under plenty of sunlight as I am growing in a south side facing backyard. Mixture of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. Added some worm casting, biochar, and pumice. Amended with some Neem Seed Meal, BioLive, and Kelp Meal. Been giving them compost tea every week.

Looked to be a fantastic grow however, my confidence is absolutely shaken now after geting a male in the pack of promised ‘feminized’ seeds. Here are some pictures:

These two appear to be female:

This one on the right appears to be female:


I cant quite tell yet with the one on the left but it appears to be female (remaining preflowers where I cut the node off look female) :

Here is the male plant:


Someone please chime in and confirm this is a male. I’m most likely going to toss it today or tomorrow…


Welcome to the community @crazyxpotato. Let me tag a few doe starters an see, I do see what your talking about. But at the same time hard to say yes or no

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Definitely a male.

In ILGMs defense, most breeders refer to feminized as “reversed”, as sometimes you do get a male.

Good luck.


Yep, it’s a boy.


It was the fastest growing plant of mine. That’s what makes it hurt even more.

No worries though, I’m over it. Glad I found it as soon as I did. Now off to get rid of it.

Do the other preflowers look normal?


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Yes, the others look like normal female preflowers. Send pics of the male to ILGM support, they’ll either replace seeds or hook you up with some free seeds on next order.


I have never heard of a male seed. And yes that one is a dude for sure.

Who you talking too as I’ve seen no one be rude to you. Read up on feminized seeds and you will see that they are not 100 percent female always.

This is ridiculous. Lol. He said he hasn’t seen a male seed before. Someone feels a little uncomfortable with their choice of words and it isn’t @MrPeat

Also, this website is not tied to the Seedbank, send them a message bro, they might make it up to you. We don’t do that here.

And we all know fem is not guaranteed, every once and a while a male sneaks in. It absolutely sucks!

This is a tight knit community and no one generally comes here to call out anyone else. Now we have insults flying all over the place. Unreal. There are disagreements but rarely direct insults. Debates? Absolutely.

@dbrn32 @BobbyDigital
can we get this locked? I don’t come here for aggression, I come here to talk to fellow growers and develop my skills.


It is very very very and I repeat really hard to determine someone’s tone or aggression in a text of course unless they are absolutely being completely direct.
I read the threads and did not see any type of rudeness what so ever​:laughing::laughing:
Maybe time for us to take a bong hit…:+1::v::ok_hand:


I still don’t understand how you telling him it looked like a dude and was definitely male ticked him off. I saw no smart alec anything just an answer to his question.


@GulfCoastGurilla Honestly no clue. I said this was a male. Anyone reads my responses know I am nice.


This is a understatement,


@MrPeat you are so kind, its rude! Stop being nice and helping people…


@Unknown and @AAA You two crack me up. :joy::joy::joy:

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You could get rid of it, or you could make your own seeds. Depending on how the parents where created, you may or may not get something that closely conforms to the parents out of your own seeds.

FYI, feminized seeds are about 99.99% female. Occasionally, a male will appear. It’s not on the breeder. It’s also possible that whoever made the seeds goofed. Who knows.


I dealt with the OP: two week suspension. Not going to tolerate rude behavior towards helpful and positive members like @MrPeat who did nothing wrong.

That is all.


I agree with what @Myfriendis410 there is no reason for any of this male plants happen after all Mother Nature will take over IMO. This has been the most helpful site I have ever found and the ones that give the advice is awesome. So I am moving on to learn more. And yes I’m a beginner thank you all that chimes in with the helpful advice have a great day


Well… I started from the beginning of this thread, and followed along, and found nothing rude, at all. Topic was going good. Then the thread took a huge turn south. WTH happened ???