Male plants worth keeping?

Hello everyone. I went outside today and found that two of my really small plants looked to be males. If I grow them will they grow male seeds or female seeds ?
They are only a few months

And I think they pollinated one of my plants that was showing pistol growth.
What u guys think I have separated them as of now


DR. D T , that is a true male ,not a morphadite … So if you use it pollen to pollenate a female plant .youll get REG Seeds. average" seed’s would be 50x50% male to female ratio . Hammer


Okay thanks. I’ll probably just scrap these plants because I already have hundreds of the same seeds… These plants were next to my plant with bud and pistol growth and it’s kinda windy but I don’t see any male signs and I’m hoping I won’t … I have others around the same age as these should I separate from the two that smell dank and are getting pistol growth ? They don’t look to have bananas or anything yet

Unless you’re raising males to breed pull them right away

you say they have already pollinated one plant, that’s why you pull them ASAP

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And so the one that has been pollinated will be hermaphrodite with feminized seeds ?

What about the other younger ones that aren’t showing sex, could they have been turned male as well ?

Its just a wait and see game . they very well may turn out to be female.


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Also I have another question. Should I throw out the soil that the males were in or is it safe to reuse ? @garrigan62


Ya you sure can reue the soil


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Not trying to be a bother , but I think this one may have been pollinated too what do you think. @garrigan62

Sorry I also need your opinion on these two if you don’t mind, it’s my first grow. Some of these look like they are getting pouches @garrigan62

<img src="//" width=“375” height="500

Think she might still be female and a few other I post pics of… Some look like they have balls developing

might <img src="//" width=“375” height=“500”

My eyes aren’t that sharp to go by those pictures but I’m pretty sure I see bananas on that third picture ? Sorry
-good luck!

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Thanks , and yeah they are really small pouches on some… What looked too be leafs growing in were bananas. I have to check again today @Paranorman

Yank them before they open !

Sorry that I couldn’t help on the rest I couldn’t see them as clearly so I don’t want to say the wrong thing but now you know what to look for, good luck

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What about these ? I’m debating on throwing these ones out as well @Paranorman

The plant looks so hungry! Are you giving nutrients?


I give b1 vitamin one teaspoon per gallon of water when I water them… But does it look like a male lol @ktreez420

Yea it does look like a male, but definitely some hungry plants. Do you have any other nutrients for them?

How about this one does It look male ? Also what can I give it to bring it back to life ?