Male plants possibilities

I have 4 Sativa plants and 1 Indica, they were seemingly female but almost over night the Sativas started showing (seed sacs) They seem to be at least a month behind the Indica which is almost ready to harvest. My question is should I just harvest the Indica now and just let the Sativas live and make an extract of some kind, or kill the Sativas and let the Indica have its last week or 2 of growth, I could move the Indica to another part of the yard?

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With hermies, you dont have to worry about them dropping pollen like a full blown male does. So moving them away from your other plant would be ok.

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Thanks, here is a shot of the Indica, One Sativa is full of seeds and the others have a couple, probably just a matter of what stage they are in. My question no is the Indica looks fantastic, would it hurt for me to let it have its last 2 weeks in close proximity to the “male” Sativas or should I just harvest it now?

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It looks like she may have had some pollen hit her already.

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Should I harvest her now?

Its all over the leaves. Good catch…its also on the leaves to the left side about the middle.

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is Pollen the darker dust like stuff and should I harvest her now before she starts changing her chemical structure?

Pollen looks to be white in color. Kinda like take powdered sugar pinch and just let it drop a little distance. Bobby circled the spot where pollen is at.

Thanks, hard for me to know if the white stuff is Pollen as I live in Argentina and everyone burns wood weekly and our garden gets a fair amount of hash but the plant is close enough for me at this point and I am going to stem split and then black it out.

Yeah that could do it. I can burn outside but I grow inside. You would think if its ash it would be all over the plant. Hopefully that is all it is because that is a nice looking plant.

Exactly what happens if a plant in such a late stage gets pollinated?
Do I need to harvest it today? Thanks

That’s unfortunate, I’m assuming you wanted clean green sinsemilla but you’re garden looks great nonetheless, great job :+1:t4:

Her pistils will start to darken and recede. Which will happen anyway at that stage of flowering pollinated or not. The plant stops focusing on flowering and starts using her energy on producing seeds. So she’ll appear as though she’s stopped growing. If you don’t want the seeds you can pull her now. If you’re unsure if she’s been pollinated you can give her some time. It takes some time to produce seeds.

would the THC content change if it is producing seeds.
I did find one seed but I am sure there are others.

I’m not sure of a potency loss but yield will be affected. The calyx/bracts that you’d normally smoke are now being filled with seeds. The plant now sends its energy into seed development instead of producing more calyx (buds).


that makes sense,

thank you very much,

I split the stem yesterday and will do the deed tomorrow.

I’m ripening a hermie right now and can echo what @Bobbydigital said. Once she got fertilized, calyx production stopped and she (it) focused on producing seeds. Trichome (THCA, CBD, etc…) production suffers as well.