Male plants into butter?

I read a lot where people say to make Male plants into butter. I just killed these 2 last night and they were in flower for just under 3 weeks. They are sitting in my firepit and I was gonna burn them tomorrow. Is it really worth making butter with it?

Are they male?

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Their were lots of seed pods everywhere.
Friends said they were herm but still had seed pods. I wasnt taking a chance on messing up future grows.

Yeah fair enough. They would be perfect for butter.

Sometimes the buds can look as though they have seed pods but they develop into juicy knobs of bud in late flower. They may be hermi. It’s hard to see.

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Looks like they were only flowering for 1-3 weeks. Don’t see seed pods, but it’s hard to tell from the pics.
I’m not really sure exactly when plants start producing thc, but all it costs is a bit of time and an lb of butter.

When I’ve had a male I’ve just killed it.

Those look female, some of the calyx wI’ll swell and look like seed pods but they are full of oil, did they have pistols on them? I’m asking because I don’t see anything in pic

cannabutter tastes great so yes, it would be worth making butter instead of burning. i hear you can make bubble hash out of the males. use the hash to make vape juice.

It’s not Male but is hermie. Went ahead an got rid of it. Still have over a pound of butter. First herm plant looks interesting.

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I just had one hermi on me. I pulled it today.