Male plant - when does it shed pollen

Both questions have to do with this:
At what point do male plants start to shed pollen?

  1. My only indoor plant has turned male (though my spouse does not fully agree… that’s another issue). I will bag this baby and send to the trash. Do I need to worry about my grow tent being contaminated? If so, how do I clean it properly, so my next grow (with feminized seeds!) won’t be compromised.

  2. I have 4 outdoor plants that have not started to flower. Before this, I’ve removed three other males. I’m worried I contaminated my outdoor plants when I removed other males from the garden area (and plopped into compost pile nearby! argh).

Thank you! misty


@misty welcome to the community ! When removing a male plant gently slide a trash bag down over the top of it. It’s easy to see when the pollen sacs open up. You can see the little white pollen particles. Your plant definitely has pollen sacs.

Definitely Male…you don’t have much time before they pop, those pods will open and pollinate any females you may have.

IF this is your only plant , take the opportunity to torture it and learn some super cropping, stem cracking, LST, manifolding… learn how resilient the plant is and push it to the brink and learn some good skills.

To add to the post above, gently spray the plant down with light mist of water, if a sac pops it’ll help to keep the pollen drop to a min.


I like this idea. It’s hard to get over bending stems 90 degrees and not freaking out about it.

I’ve seen growers wipe the floor and walls of a tent with a dilute mix of peroxide or bleach to get rid of residual pollen.

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Thanks so much for the quick replies and warm welcome! Great idea about supercropping… while I wait for next round to need the tent.

Can a male or early male pollinate a female plant before she has flowers?

NO nothing to pollinate. But, pollen left behind CAN pollinate a future female. Pick/Pinch all the ballsacks off, and practice away. I typically wipe my tents down with ISO alcohol or H2o2 regardless, but especially if I had a male in there.

And you could accidentally, or purposely pollinate one of your outside females, on your arms, hands, clothes, hair… so be careful.

Thank you - great info.

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