Male plant usage

So after things sprout and grow to a point where the sex of the plants can be determined, what do you folks do with male plants?

I was planning on only putting time and effort into female plants. However, I am to green (lol) to assume that is the correct course. I started thinking of putting them outside and just letting nature decide. If they grow, they grow…

What are your thoughts?



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Male plants are useless unless you want the pollen for breeding.

They will ruin your females.


If anyone around you are growing they may not appreciate the spreading of pollen all over.


I own a lot of land. How far from other plants would it have to be?

I could plant 1/2 a mile from mine and still be on my dirt. Maybe put one female by it for a seed crop?

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If I were growing outside I wouldn’t have it within a mile or more. You could have pollen on your clothes and contaminate your inside grow also. Imho it ain’t worth the possible downsides of ruining a crop of good buds.


Why would you want a male plant?


Point well taken.

Simply pull the male plants up an toss don’t look back. The wind can carry the pollen a long ways. Good luck


@NYDon I live in the country…if this were me and I was concerned about this male pollinating any outside females…. There’s not many options unless you plan to WANT seeds and then there’s no reason to move him….

Options might include:

Moving the ladies inside in a controlled closed setting, treating it as surgery anytime you go from the male plant you’re changing clothes washing hands just being sterile

Moving the male plant more on a down wind side of your territory, and at least 3-5 miles away, this doesn’t guarantee anything but lessens a chance of pollen spreading against the wind right? Only thing is that a lot of pollinators travel on the wind and just might find your outside ladies after finding the male

Isolate the male or females in a greenhouse if inside isn’t a possibility

Like I say not many options but if you’re willing to take a risk then you can do what ya want….anyone growing outside knows this risk and if they get their plants pollinated then it’s their own fault NOT YOURS….grow happy and freely and LEGALLY homie :sunglasses::v:t2:

Note if you have the means time and resources male plants make the best hemp

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Well… I will give them a viking funeral.

Hopefully I won’t get too many males.


If you want to fox with males just flower the male indoors and collect the pollen. Then you can selectively pollinate buds on your female plants with a q tip dipped in pollen.


Good deal glad ya figured out what ya wanna do! There’s always options just gotta get creative yet not overthink it….I know it’s a fine line and a tricky web to navigate through but keeping it simple WILL ease your mind :sunglasses::facepunch:t2: Don’t give up and keep us posted!

Only good use for a male is practice your severe supercropping/manifold techniques until they show.
Saving pollen should be done by growing a few isolated males and picking the best, strongest, vigorous qualities just like a female, the male plant passes genes too… so any shitty spindly plant either sex should be culled.


:arrow_up:I like this advice alot

As to how far away male plants can affect females… Honey bees can travel up to 4 miles pollinating flowers.