Male plant question

A question from a fellow grower:

One of my plants looks male. Growing six plants outside in containers.
Can I just move him elsewhere so females are fine? Would like to keep
him for seeds…?

The males don’t make the seeds themselves. But you could separate it from the females and harvest the pollen to carefully and selectively pollinate a female bud. However the trick is collecting it outdoors and making sure wind or pollinating insects don’t transfer some to your female buds unintentionally.

There are a few different ways to collect pollen, but the most ways I’ve seen always are indoors and usually have the male plant put in a breeze free room to drop its pollen naturally on wax paper placed at the bottom of the plant when the male flowers open.

Outdoors I’ve seen various pouches put over a branch of the male plant, these pouches let light in and can let moisture out without letting the pollen out. They are made of cellulose, I believe, as this is clear and can let moisture through, unlike most plastics, and the pores are small enough they don’t let pollen out…