Male Plant Question-early sacs

I have a couple bag seed plants growing on the patio. I tried to top one. The natural light cycle here is about 14/10. Today I noticed pollen sacs growing. I don’t care that it’s a male. Just confused why it turned with no light cycle.

Could it begin developing sacs without 12/12?

Did the stress of my attempted Top cause it to turn early?

Interested in any insight…

14/10 would keep a female from flowering, assuming it got at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. Long shaded evenings reduce daylight amount.

Males mature faster than females too.


I was just reading this.

I didn’t realize they present early. Thanks!
I was just surprised to see them all there after just a couple of days.


Yeah, it can happen quick. If you don’t have plans for males it’s best to destroy them so they don’t ruin someone else’s crop FYI.


Agreed. He will be dealt with.
Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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What like a hemp plantation?

Bag seed… never a great source for genetics. Some crappy weed is literally chopped and bagged male and female plants. Sorry for the outcome. Best solution is to get rid of it ASAP.

If one is going to invest the time and energy into growing a plant, might as well go with the best genetics available.

I have some autoflowers growing inside. Since it’s my first grow I was using the bag weed to understand things like FIM and topping and super cropping. My next grow after the autoflowers will be photos.

At worst, my bag seed is OG Kush. It’s what my dispensary uses primarily for their shake and their prerolls.

Mango Kush auto

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I’ve had plants produce great buds, and a few seeds. I’d expect a dispensary to be more discriminating.

I cant afford Aficionados lol