Male plant pollen help

Hi guys, I’m new to this site and growing. I could use some advice,

I have a male blue dream plant separated from my ladies tent. It’s 25 days into flower, temp is set to 78 deg 24hours a day, 450w led fixture, feeding with the same nute schedule and tds as my ladies, and has a light fan on it. Pollen sacs fall off the plant consistently but no pollen yet. I have googled when pollen falls off but no good threads. Am I doing something wrong or just being impatient? Thanks

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I do belive they have to go through a sort of light change as well to pollinate

Lights are on 12/12

Yeah i just seen where you said 25 days into flower, if the sacs are falling off there should be some sign of pollens…is it breezy where he is?

Just have a small fan on it, nothing crazy. I even tap each branch and just sacs fall off, no pollen. Don’t even see pollen on lower leafs

Hmm, got me @blackthumbbetty, @garrigan62 may have some thoughts

Thank you so much

Are the sacs broken?

@PurpNGold74 what have you learned in your recent breeding experiments?

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Yea, some of the sacs are open

That was my only other thoughts is they wernt open an thats why your not seeing it…but if there open thats not the case

I’ll see if I can get a close up when the lights go on

I didn’t even think about @PurpNGold74 doing breeding right now lol good eye


u r being a little impatient, lol,
pollen sacks will begin to open between 20 and 40 days of 12/12,
when they start to open move the fan so it is not blowing on the plant,
the pollen is so light it can blow away easily,
I’d bet that u will see some pollen in a week or so, maybe sooner as full as they look.!
a few sacks (less then 5%) falling off is perfectly normal for healthy males,
the sacks get so full and heavy they break off, don’t worry, there will be plenty of pollen left.!!

good luck Dave, and remember… a little pollen goes a LONG way.!
every pistol is a pollen receptor and u can get a seed for every calyx on the plant.!!

I’d suggest u look into selective pollination techniques to avoid a seeding disaster.!

good looking grow, he looks healthy.!!

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What a great looking Male plant! Healthy!! Nice job! Don’t see many male plants here…

@Daveralphh…very unusual for a very mature male plant NOT HAVING POLLEN.

What happens is…the male balls mature then break open spewing millions of bright yellow pollen. If the plant in the pic is not covered in the yellow pollen…something is very unusual here.

I don’t see many males on any grow sites.!!
the breeding sections have some pics, but not many.!

i thought the same thing, but looking at the pic he seems so strong that all the sacks may open at once,
outside they seem to open a few here and there then the rest open at one time,
when this happens u can shake the plant and yellow pollen rain down like agent orange, lol,
it is so rare to see a male this healthy under lights that idk what he is going to do for sure.!

it has been 15 yrs since i have grown a male, and he was inside a grow box with females,
NOT a good idea.!!! LOL

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Could be a hermie mutation?

Male seeds do not have much sell value. They are about as welcome in a grow as a porcupine at a soccer game.

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Male I grew not long ago. Don’t have many pictures but found this one


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