Male plant or female plant, or even hermi!


Hey guys this is my first grow, I am kinda disappointed. I had pride in this plant and now I think she, May be a male. Can anyone give me advice. I am in my 7th week of grow. Here is the picture. Any advice is appreciated!

I can load more photos of you need anymore.


Can u post a picture in natural light? Hate to be the one to say it but it looks male, sorry.


Definitely male.



I can tell you wright now to get rid of it. It don’t mater it will infect your other plants and you don’t want that i’m sure



Yup male
It has balls so sorry
Get rid of it asap


The plant is 7 weeks into veg. Here are a few other pictures


Thanks for the input guys, this is my other plant and it looks totally different from the other one. Please tell me this one is a girl!



How old is the second plant ?
In most cases until you start flowering it can be almost impossible to actually tell
First is definitely a male


The are the same age. The little one just took 2 weeks to start getting bigger. I had my doubts about the first one but the second one is just slow. It’s not even a foot tall yet. But full of life. She looks completely different from the other one!


That makes new sad about the first one. Is there is use of the big one other the pollen, or do I just throw him out?


If you want to breed then yes pollen harvesting is a option
I personally dont have the space or time to breed and just cull them
If you kill it put a bag ovee it and tie it off at stem before man handling it
Male do tend to grow twice as fast a female
I always keep a good eye on a plant that grows faster them the rest
Are theses bag seeds


They were from some mid grade that I smoked.


@Jrock9435 ok cool cant complain about free beans lol