Male plant off clone?

A question from a fellow grower:

I followed your cloning steps and cut a clone off my Super Silver Haze female plant just before it started to flower. My clone is now 22" tall but doesn’t look like the parent which is currently flowering in week 7 with very nice buds. Is it possible to get a male plant using a clone cut from a female plant?

It’s not a male,there are no pollen sacks I can see but I do see pistils indicating it’s a female

Ya Cash is right. I see them
also it’s a girl all right. It’s very highly unlikely that you clone from a female plant and get a male, not going to happen.

B Safe

Thanks for the input. I attached another picture that shows the sacs a bit more clearly. Since these calyx are not on a raised stem, I also think it may be a female or maybe a hermaphrodite. What’s your thought on that possibility?

Thanks again,


Watch and see if a hair dark or light in color comes out of those sacks. I know cause I have them on one or maybe two of my clones. I’ll just go take a pic.

Sorry about it Being blurred but you can see them. And they all have a dark hair comming out of each one.
So keep a close eye to see if yours do the same witch I think they will.

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