Male plant? Not sure


That is as male as it gets. I hope you got it out of the grow area before the female plants were pollenated.


Doggone! I think you’re going to have seeds, some of those male flowers look open.


Guess shouldnt have left town for 4 days. Oh well, can still be a strong grow. And I will have seedsfor the next grow.


Full on male


That’s the spirit, and you never know, maybe you’ll get lucky. Keep us posted please!

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Def a dude

Burn the whole place down.

Damn a ball factory. Hope you dont have any females with it. Looks like its about to pop.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Got it out. Maybe too late. But it will still be a great crop.
I had 4 out of 9 turn on me. No idea what strain a friend gave me the seeds. Next crop I will not leave alone at such a crucial time.


You should keep him , they harder to find than females real shit .

Well u might be okay as I wasn’t seeing any white dusty looking stuff on any leaves and pods do still look closed. Ut super close to opening lol. What kind of plant was that one?? And what kind of females do u have growing in there.

I have no idea what type they are. A friend gave me some seed and thats all I know. Guess we will see how they end up.

Thats the spirit!!! Always look at the positive. Next time know that males grow more airy/faster/produce sacs quick. They stand out if used to seeing females. Just my thoughts. Pulled 5 this round of bag seed outa 8. Sucked. They were beautiful.

The 4 I have left look happy to me.
But hey 1st grow.

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Look into some plant stakes later as they get heavy in flower. With no net the fat ol colas will sag right over. I use the long cheap bamboo ones from ACE. They work great. Much better than string if no net. Just my thoughts. Looking solid.

I have a net should I put it in or is it too lake?