Male Plant - am I screwed?

Hi guys,

Growing outdoors and I just found a male that appears to have already exploded its pollen all over. I’ve pulled it but now I am wondering if it likely pollinated my females. They do not have flowers yet, just the little green pistil at the nodes. I’m hoping that you need actual flowers to pollinate.

What do you think? Have I ruined my crop? Or is it too early to pollinate the females?


That Male had deffinitly released its pollin @AAA what youbthink

I agree that the male definitely released its pollen. My question/concern is whether my other plants are advanced enough in flowering to become pollinated. I am hoping not. What I am reading tells me they need to be a few weeks into flowering, with buds and sticky hairs, to actually become pollinated. Since these are outdoor, they are not flowering yet. So can they be pollinated?

I’m not sure that is a great ?

Oh yeah… He shot his wad.

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If there is grass on the field, play ball!

Meaning if there are white pistils, then can make seeds.

Not such a bad thing. You will have super mature seeds buried deep in the buds.


Each individual flower will have a pair of pistils that can collect pollen. Flowers that have not formed will not be affected unless there is pollen when they blossom. This is just rephrasing what @aaa said.

And water kills the pollin right?

I have heard/read that this is so, but I have also read that you can’t rely on it.

Don’t really know for sure.

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Got it. Thanks for chiming in on this. I will be sure to wash the plants down and even spray them with something (not sure what yet?) for bugs a few times before they fully flower in about August or so.

Hopefully that means I will still have nice (mostly) sensimilla flowers!

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Gently mist all the females to wash pollen off.
Spray hose the male plant and 6’ radius to wash most of the pollen away.
A pollen sack contains millions of seed producing spores.
Hope your females don’t any pistils seeking pollen.
btw…the male pollen balls take a week to develop …plenty of time to find and kill before contamination. Look closely or next time it will happen when your females can be turned into a bucket of seeds.

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