Male ore female!?

So I think this may be a male any suggestions!?

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That might be a male but I think it is too early to tell for certain. Give it another week or so and you will likely be able to determine the gender with certainty.


Ya I’m thinking make as well I can see it better now ugh thank you guys!!

Meant to say male**

To clarify, I did not say I think it is male, I did say it is too early to tell.

When I said it might be male, that may have been confusing. Until gender shows, the plant might be either male or female.


I see nothing that would lead me to believe it’s a male.

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Looks like its a female

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also, what strain and did you get feminized seeds?

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I see no pistols on a couple of the little balls but it could be to soon this article has the best illustration I’ve seen on telling the sex

It’s a cross between emerald og and and skywalker she’s beautiful

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Were they both from fem seeds?

To early to tell for sure. For me it seems like the males reveal them selves first but that’s just my experience. I see nothing to indicate sex yet.