Male? Or to soon to tell?

Please help… is this a male? My first time growing from seed and always paranoid with my girls.


Looks like you did some early LST by the knuckles. :+1:

Surprisingly not. I did just bend them over today and up potted. They do look really large tho!

Can’t determine sex from that pic.
Don’t see anything either way. :wink::v:


Welcome to the forum. What can you tell us about the genetics?


Its black jack from seed. About 5 weeks old. Coco grown. :grin:

Pretty sure that’s just knuckles. Had same thing on current grow. I hadn’t seen it before, so it freaked me out a little. Soon as I saw it I put pic up on journal to check on wth was going on. :+1:

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to soon to tell. hang in there and keep an eye for this

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