Male or Hermie?

I was wondering if this plant is male or if it has hermied.

i see pistils but a lot more balls.
its a hermie, sorry.
i had a plant go hermie on me recently too, really sucks.
seems like some sacs have opened, hope you dont have other female plants close by.


Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

Unfortunately as stated, it turned Hermie. It almost looks like she was starting to reveg.

Your plants also have pollen. I saw a couple partially open. You will be getting seeds if any flowers got crop dusted.

Thank you. I thought it probably hermied. My first one in 15 years of growing. I’ve had makes and know what they look like. This one was different. I do have two next to this one. They look female so far. I’ve been carefully pulling the balls off.

Thank you. It’s an outdoor plant that’s been in the same spot. It gets too much sun to be able to reveg.

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Thank you. I’ve been carefully trying to pull the balls off.

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