.male or femalecan somebody please tell me

Could somebody help me sex this plant I believe it’s in mail it looks like it to me

Very blurry but I do see a couple sacks in the second photo and no pistils. You have other plants that might be female near it?


Like eagles009 said its so blurry but,I think you have a male.


I would wait longer until you know for sure

Yea I have autos 3 of them 2reg And 3femsi moved it out side inside Conner and used plexie glass I will keep it there till I can know for sure it was one of the best plants n bred was chocolate rain hevy thc 25%im hooding it’s a fem but if it’s not I’ll cross it with my blue tie I’ll keep it form contaming my whole grow I wasn’t even thinking of breeding but if life gives u lemons I got to make lemonade lol

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