Male or female?

I had bad pics disregard this post please.

My eyes aren’t good enough or the pics are blurry…

I know I tried to cancel the post but couldn’t figure out how I have a terrible camera and will try and get a better picture.

here are some more I hope one of them are good enough if not ill wing it.

Yeah, sorry. I can’t tell. You can also edit your post for future reference by clicking the little pencil icon.

Maybe someone else can see it better but my eyes are pretty good. In any case, best of luck! :slight_smile:

no they are bad pics I thought it was clear enough to zoom in but its not. I will cancel the post if I can. thanks anyway

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maybe you are looking at the wrong part of the plant… @Matthew420, @kabongster, @bob31 do one of ya’ll have the picture of male/female? sorry i have not figured that part out yet

I think I have another one if that one doesn’t work @BIGE


thank you @bob31

it looks female to me. it has a lot of places that looks like buds are going to grow and there are little white hairs growing out of the center of each place. its still early but don’t see any evidence of the little balls of a male. I have two of these growing from bag seeds. and they look a lot like my ww fems I have growing. I had put them outside because they were older than the wws, but had to bring them back in because of weather. when they were outside it didn’t really matter but now they are inside I have to know. maybe I can figure out how to get a decent picture. thanks for the reply.