Male or female week 2 flower

There are three plants here. I believe these two are male and one is female, is that correct? There are two pictures per plant. 1/2 the same, 3/4 the same, 5/6 the same plant totaling three. I can add more photos if needed

Fairly sure these are male flowers…

@Pet_de_Chien @Underthestairs @ReelOfishalTrees

What say you gentlemen? Or too early to tell?


Male. Looks like a sack of beads.
You can still use it for seeds. But if you have any females around, then you want to pull it before it gets any further.

100% a male

Oh, ballz. It’s a boy.

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Male for sure!

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Great thank you so much!

Looks like everyone has you covered here.

Covered for sure… condolences

So sorry :cry: I had 2 out of 4 be male on the grow I’m on now. Happy growing :blush::v:

I agree with you @Borderryan22