Male or female...these have me 😳....?

I think these are all males. Need to toss em ASAP if they are. I believe this is 2nd going on 3rd week of flower

20210420_234055 20210420_233921 20210420_233903 20210420_233806 20210420_233736

Looks like bad news. Are they regular seeds

looks male…

That sux. All the ones like first pics are for sure males. Few r iffy id wait a few more days on some but there is a big ole ball fest going on there

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I’m wondering if I should give em another week but I really don’t wanna chance it. I think they’re males too but then I look again and I’m like, “Are you sure Nat?”

Yah they’re regular seeds. I think I should just toss them to be on the safe side.

I would. Sorry for your lose.
That’s why I always give me free regular seeds to my buddies.

Get those boys out of the hen house. Typical males, they’ve got nothing on their mind but shootin seed all over the place


Toss or u wana breed

Mannabis! The top pic is definitely doodinal! Looks like either breed or choppie choppie time.


Males plants

Sad but true, get rid before they contaminate averything

I Can’t give this enough likes