Male or Female - please help


please help me people - saw this ball forming & instantly assumed it’s a male - tehn after a week i notice it starting to open up like a flower/new leaves sprouting?, tried touching it this morning and it fell off - looks like leaves - NO POLLEN or PISTOLS visible - please help !

Male,female,or both

Unfortunately, I think that’s a male plant @Terminator


thanks bud, think i should wait a bit more & see, or just pull ? :slight_smile:


You need to wait a little more for that…see if you can figure that from this pictures


you might pluck pollen sac and watch for more…
when they grow like bannas then you need to pull . @Terminator


It’s a boy!


I have to agree with @Screwauger and @Myfriendis410. Looks like you have a boy @Terminator


thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated - “HE” was my 1st, so still hurts a little :slight_smile: - i will post more pics of my other plants for assistance in sexing - Many Thanks.


He buddy I agree with the rest on its a male
And you did the right think by culling it youllbe happy you did since you have others girls going
We all have to cull a plant or two at times
Welcome to the sandbox just tag if you have any questions @Terminator