Male or female plants?

Started my last 3 seeds on 3-3-21. I’ve only had 1 male plant in the past, but suspect I have all 3 male plants.
What are the chances of having 3 male plants at once?

They look like they could be females to me but I will zoom in and look some more. It also might need a little more time to tell. Those hairs in the crotch of the plant are making me lean towards female. Why not get feminized seeds next time and save the headache

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Thanks for the reply. One of the plants looks like it’s starting to bud out. They are only about a month old. I still have them in veg stage. Any suggestions?

Are you on 18/6 light cycle? They shouldn’t until you flip the switch. Is there any light in there from controllers or from humidifiers?

Show me a close up of where you think it’s starting to flower?

The grow I just harvested showed lady parts within 2 weeks after transplant. Grew and flowered with no issues. Think there were some auto genetics in the "photo Fem seed I had??? She just went to flower real fast but grew just fine.

I’m only seeing female parts.

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transplant dec.22

This taken jan 11 when I first noticed the lady parts.

New grow ,just put in dirt 2 day ago!

Cannabis, or at least the genetics I’ve used, will produce a few flowers at each node once the plant reaches sexual maturity, regardless of light cycle.

Only one of my 3 plants looks to be forming buds. The other two look to be forming more normal growth

Looks like you got pre flower showing she’s ready to flower when you are.

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