Male or female plant or something else

Is this a male?


That is very strange, never seen a male like that but it does look like one, a very sugar coated one :rofl:

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Is this male? Never seen a male look like this, kinda looks like the plant decided to grow calyxes only :laughing: looks so cool though

Female, just bad genetics imo.

Definitely a strange looking female. How far into flower is she?

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Wow… Can’t say that I’m sure. Certainly has a lot of trichs for a male, but it has that male looking structure…


Looks like some kind of underdeveloped female or bad mix of genetics or could have come from stock that was bred/cloned out

Is that even a cannabis plant? The leaves don’t look like it. Where did you get the seed?


Definitely weird throwing all single leafs smooth edge.

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If you could make clones you could sell them all day long. Its the perfect stealth plant.
Looks like something that would grow alongside the road that nobody would pay attention to. But covered with resin it looks like it would be a great smoke.


I would question what it is too!
Happy growin

This is my first grow. I have like 15 plants and all of them except that one are flowering normal. I bought the seeds from Bulk seed bank (auto white widow and auto gelato samba). I’m not sure which of the two strains is that weird plant because I forgot to mark them. It’s 8 weeks from when i started the grow. I don’t know much about growing so yesterday I researched a bit and found out that it might be male. I panicked and then pulled it. But if it was male it was to late anyway. I just hope it wasn’t.

Here are a few pictures of my other plants


Too bad it was just an anomaly. It would be the perfect hash plant. There were trichomes on everything, even the stems. No need to trim anything. But being an auto its genetics are lost. Autos do the weirdest things sometimes.

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She is expressing her ruderalis parentage. That is how a lot of pure ruderalis buds develop.

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I think it’s female. Not sure why there isn’t much for leaves, but all closed flowers indicates it may have been pollinated.

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I’m on this spectrum.

I had a Zkittlez photoperiod plant who flowered exactly like this. she was not pollinated when her buds started developing like this, so 90% of it was bad genetics. I did opt to pollinate her when she started forming that weird pebbly nonsense so I could get something out of her. The entire plant got ground up, decarbed, and turned into concentrate. Not a single smokeable bud on the entire thing.


If people on this forum can’t even identify this plant I’ll sell my soul :rofl::rofl:

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Visually challanged I am, I will need a taste and smell, please.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m with you on that me too!