Male or Female ? (pictures included)

I planted seeds purchased here. I have one large plant that still has no buds and it is now first week in August. Can someone please confirm that this plant is female and perhaps why I’m not seeing buds?


I’m new also. I won’t venture an opinion on sex, but my plants haven’t started to flower either. Outdoors in Nor Cal. They look similar to yours but I do have a few more “pointy bits” showing.

Yes the plant is female, it is showing female preflowers - those pairs of white hairs. If this is an outdoor grow (and not an auto), it won’t start budding til you get less hours of daylight, which should be soon.


Thanks for responding; much appreciated. Yes, these are outdoor plants in Southern California. I think we have pretty good weather to grow outdoors. My yard is not completely open so I don’t get full sun all day but I’m guessing the plants are adapting to my situation. I have a few smaller plants that are flowering but my larger plants have not as of yet.

Again, thanks