Male or female or too soon?

I’ve never grown from seeds before I’ve always used clones i can’t tell if these two are male or female. Can anyone help?

Can we get a pic or two without the blurple light on?

The first 5 are one plant the rest are another

Dont quote me on this but it looks like a fem to me . Just my opinion .

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Too early to tell for sure, what is the black stuff all over on stems?


It’s just dirt that got kicked up from a spray bottle. So to early? How long do you think form this stage until I can clearly tell? Or is it a guessing game until flowering cycle?

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Some plants will show preflowers in veg pretty easily. I wouldn’t really expect that any earlier than 7-8 weeks old though. Others can be pretty stingy. How old is plant? Once its mature you can take a cutting and put it in a glass of water on 12 hours or less of light. It should show sex within a week or so.


It’s about three weeks old.i guess I jumped the gun… thank you for the info tho!

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Yup. They wouldn’t even flower right away if you put then on 12 hours light. Give them a few weeks.

@dbrn32 really a cut in a cup of water will show sex in a few days on a mature plant… do you say a mature plant is when nodes start coming off branches un symmetrically when leaves start staggering I notice I see sex soon from then

I said within about a week. I usually just consider them mature by age. But some do seem to take a little longer than others. I think light density and lights on time may have a little to do with it.

Next time your sexing a seed look at the symmetry of the plant notice once you notice a sac or a calyx look how close it is to the nodes that begin to stager and aren’t on exact opposite of eachother it’s usually a node or 2 down from the top

The one with a hair by stem and leaf is defiantly female,if it has a pod or flower type pod by stem and leaf it’s a male everytime.

The 7th pic is female definatly.

Here’s an up date on one of them

Female for sure

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If the thing behind the pine needle thing has any point to it it’s a girl if it starts off round its. A male

Okay cool thank you!

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