Male or female? Or still too early

Please don’t be mean…I’m just trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be looking for… I had 4 plants and one showed balls 5 days ago so I’m trying to watch the other 3 very close. Hi early I’m ready to throw them out and start my autos but they look too good to just destroy.

From these pics can you tell if my plants are male or female?

5 gal cloth…35 days old…FFOF…18/6…3x3

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I can’t tell from the pics provided, the new growth looks frilly to me but shots of the nodes would be more definitive

And you don’t have to worry about anybody here being mean…this site is kinda the opposite of that

I think you’ll find everyone here to be helpful and rooting for you and your grow(s)

I can’t help but notice that it looks like your air intake and output are both on the bottom of the tent

If this is the case, it’s sub optimal in that having intake at bottom and output at top provides more thorough air circulation and exchange :grinning:

Btw your plants are looking great!


Look at the nodes.

Male parts.

Female parts.


My filter and output fan are in the top and intake on the bottom…one thing I got right… Thanks a lot for all your help

Ahh then it looks like you have 2 intakes at the bottom…why the heck did I not think to do that?

That will help on the insane negative pressure in my tent
Guess it’s time to buy more ducting hose

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Yep…it’s a gorilla tent …we just put the ducting in the holes…

nobody should be being mean to you here. as @Mr_Wormwood said this site is usually QUITE the opposite of that. More encouragement than you can handle at times, lol (kidding). @oldmarine provided the best pictorial answer you could ask for to VISUALLY inspect them daily (or twice daily) until you’re for certain. if you DO find anyone “being mean here” you just give us a geographical location and depending on who’s closer, myself or @oldmarine will happily plant a foot up their backside :wink: Seriously though, don’t let yourself feel like any question you have is “too stupid” or “laughable”. That’s what this place is for, to HELP you succeed :slight_smile: Happy Growing Pam

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Thank you so much. Nobody has been mean but I keep asking the same question so at some point I kinda expect it…:roll_eyes:

This is by far the friendliest site I have ever been on. Super supportive and full of knowledge, although sometimes conflicting. Which is not a bad thing, just have to decide what’s right for you.