Male or Female? Or is it too early?

I thought my plant was female, but now I’m not so sure. The sex parts are growing a little bulbous, and I’m afraid that it might be a male? I have two other plants, one I’m 99% confident is female, and one is holding out on me two months into growth :upside_down_face:. They were running off of 100W of light before, but now they’re running off of 200W from Spider Farmer. This is the oldest of the three plants.

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Too early too tell. This is what to look


Thank you for the pic. If I need additional help sexing them in the future, do I have your permission to tag you in a post in a week or two from now for suggestions? That’s only if I still can’t tell after they’ve grown a significant bit.

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You have permission to tag any one you need and if they can’t help you they will help find someone who can :green_heart::metal:


@StonedCold13 @ChittyChittyBangin here it is now, and it doesn’t look good. Is it what I fear?

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Here’s a view of things from a little different perspective. The plant looks like it is developing parts right now, so you should have confirmation within a few days.

Females will grow one calyx on each side of the node and a pair of pistils will grow out of each calyx. Males will put up multiple pods at the nodes and each will have a stem that will be about a millimeter long.

Is this feminized seed or regular or bag seed?

@MidwestGuy This is a bag seed, Wedding cake I do believe. What bothers me is the little stem growing on the node. Doesn’t look good to me

Any other node pics?

These are the best I can get

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Being stemmed has me a little concerned too. Keep a close :eye: on it the next couple of days. Single plant or multiple?

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I will :slightly_smiling_face: worst case scenario I have more grow space/light for my other two plants

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Also single thankfully

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Male :disappointed: