Male or female or both

Hi fellow growers pls help was chking plants this one amnesia haze from ILGM bout wk 5 chking buds making sure no mites and this looks male but rest of plants flowers look totally female is it possible if so can I chop this piece offUploading…



Kinda looks hermie. To me it looks like it was a female in late flower and stressed into a male…

Will effect rest of plant or can chop that off rest of plants looks fine

Not hermie big colas. She a girl

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And by the pic the plants looks done . And thats crazy a 5 weeks

Ok that sounds good was going to chop if off

No hairs standing up no new hair growth and you trichs are amber

Can’t be done 5th week this pic of whole plant crazy hairs elsewhere

Somthing happened to that brach. That bud looked done.

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Yeah its got pistills. Bud does look more done then the rest