Male or Female? Need help


Hi guys. On the main stem it looks like a female but at the branches where the buds are going to start develope it looks like little balls but it might be the bud developing?


I hate to say that I’m not sure. So wait for more advice but I see what you’re saying. In that very first picture it almost looks like there’s balls on the top of the plant. But as you go down I don’t see that same thing developing or growing? Somebody probably has better eyes and me but I do see what you’re talking about. Good luck and I’ll be watching to see what they say.


It’s a boy. Sorry. @Donaldj just to get a pro to condemn him.


At the stem there is only one white ball that looks like two hairs coming out but on the branches it seems like balls, maybe it’s the buds developing that’s making it look that way?


Post only one picture so we can enlarge it. If you want to post all the pictures just make four post with one in each.





Give it a few more days if you don’t see hairs it’s male looks a lot like a male at this point


the last picture is only one which has me in question because almost looks like Calix but if they are all same plant a few days more would tell lots


Look at this one. Looks like male structure.


Ive just had exact same thing happen ended up pulling it as a cpl days later was definitely Male. :disappointed:


I am sure by now you know it’s a boy! lol Sorry had too.