Male or female?Need a master eye please


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Here is a seed I found in my platinum kush I thought why not plant it and see. This plant has went through al lot of stress the plant is about 8 weeks old I topped it once and did some LST. This was the Plant that I learned on I wanna think it’s a female. The end result is a stunted plant with 5 colas. Here is some close up pics of the areas that determine sex maybe one of you are sure of what I am not sure. Considering this is first plant I ever grew I am a happy with its overall canopy. I just need a pro eye to tell me the good news or bad news it’s a mature plant and should be showing its sex by now.

Too soon as far as I can see.


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Thanks for your reply. Crossing my fingers

To soon I agree, no balls or hairs yet.
But I’m swinging for female :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Nicky I am too only because I don’t see anything even resembling a male part yet the pistols are crossing each other and no balls lol… either way this plant was a good learning experience and ran through just about every noob issue with this plant. So now I’m planting 5 autos and I feel ready to take on any issue that comes
My way.

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I also grow autos.
You will improve every grow for the first 2 years is what my friend who is a professional grower for medical cannabis said.

If you want check out some of my grow journals
I do alot of research as I have a job that allows for alot of free time. I’m averaging just under 5oz per auto.

Your best bet would be to read through and then post a grow journal Before you buy anything else, plant seeds etc and lay your whole plan out step by step, tag me and others you want to give you advice.

Autos are a different beast but so far I love em, if I was running a professional grow and able to check on my plants every day I might grow photos but autos just grow and yeild so fast.
The genetics are getting Better and better.
I’ll here is my first legal outdoor grow… But in all honesty due to weather it’s been mostly indoor

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