Male or Female Help?

I’m thinking it’s a male,but I’m no expert for sure. What do you guys think?

Sorry @HRBJr looks like you got a boy.


That’s what I was thinking…

That’s a bummer… hope you have some more in the plan?

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Yes it is…I haven’t grown in over 40 years. I found one seed in some killer smoke, so I tossed it in some soil and it hasn’t looked back. It sure is a beautiful healthy looking plant. I may just let it hang around and watch it grow for awhile. Lol

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There is the benefit of it producing seeds if u could get hold of a feminising machine then u would be Garunteed females… welcome to the forum bro

Personally I’d chop him and get a few fems

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Well since its the only plant aroind if u plan on growing more while he is growing u can collect pollen from him and use the pollen on a female plant and make seeds for yourself to have without buying for a while to practice again. Now u see balls give it a week to 2 weeks and ull see them opening up. Get a black garbage bag and line it up under the plant over the soil not covering soil and let the pollen fall onto the bag to collect it. When u see some open up go to the main stem and give a small tap and ull see all the powder flall. Get as mich as u can or want and keep it in a cool dry place til u need it for pollinating a female then get qtips dip on pollen and brush the pistil of the female plant. Best to brush pistils as soon as u see them. Fresher the better. After u brush the pistils leave her be and let her do her work just keep her fed. Ull get seeds to vrow and ull have buds to smoke both. Suck picking beans but one plant can give u 1000s of seeds to play woth all at a cost of nothing but a female plant that has seeds.

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Male, watch out for the seeds, don’t want them to break open and pollinate, put a bag over it, if it’s around other plants. I’m bummed for you,