Male or female help please

Yeah. The best thing to remember is that balls are on stems. Calyx grow directly off the stem or bud, they aren’t suspended, which yours wasn’t. So it was a calyx.
Edit. On stems like it will have its own small stem attached to the stalk. Calyx are directly on the stalk, no stem between them and stalk.

Thank you so much

Show me a picture of what we’re talking about.

I’m sorry I did not see your reply I ended up just throwing it out because I had to cut them short to pull them out of the hub the bucket lid that goes on the 5 gallon pot something was wrong with it anyways because the bugs were I mean really nothing to him so and I think it had little Ralph read scale bugs which I have been trying to get them off the other two plants do not

I didnt take any pics to.orriw but i have 4 clones that are males im gonna collect on. Ill get u pics of detailed what males look like for sure. Keystone i believe is roght too i swear in 1 pic i seen new rounded leaves which made me think reveg. Ive had one do this and looked the same but was a bit more bulky. It had a bad week of getting 82 and 85 in the room and it foxtailed then revegged and it was a auto flower but it revegged

Trashed unnecessarily, I agree.

If you see pistils, it’s definitely not a male plant. This plant may have been pollinated, or probably more likely that it was going back into veg. But definitely not a male.

Thank you so much I would appreciate any picture you can give me so I know for the future because I did destroy her and I should’ve waited that’s what it looked like to me a little bit too but I wasn’t sure

I posted a photo of male flower clusters yesterday. It’s right here.

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All males there. Hooe. These help ya out.

Thank you it does help me