Male or Female -Gold leaf

Male or Female? I think this is female but not sure, can someone help? i took down one that did not have these bud look a likes on it lol. Gold Leaf came as add on seeds, not autoflower or feminized…

Congrats that’s a flower! Can you get a couple pictures of the node sites?

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll get more pictures in a bit.

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hi again here are nodes(?) lol

You have a bigger problem tho…

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thanks i was wondering. i will move this plant away from the others that show none of this. and try to get rid of it or i can demolish the plant itself…


Congrats you have a baby girl on your hands. :+1::+1::+1:

thanks! here’s one from an auto flower grown outside in a pot (started indoors moved out)

. and no sign of yellow spotted leaves!!

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