Male o female? Second opinion help!

Hello there!!
Hello fell@s growers!!
I see the look like male !!
Need a second opinion?
All them are regular…
I don’t got space for them so I need to get rid of them!
Sad , I wish got space for them and get it for seeds, o for crossing genetics.
Firts plant it’s the sour diesel they on firts week of flowering!!
It’s the only one dont look that bad with the sacks and bananas!!
This one looks wen hermie!!
Here a pic!!

The second one it’s a
Strawberry banana!
First week of flowering!!
This one look like straight male for me!!

3rd one is banana mango
First week flowering
Look like male too!!

Next its sour tangie
Look like male
Really bad luck this winter growing season!!
Here a pic!!

Still got like 12 more strains to follow
Gonna keep my fingers crossed for the next ones!!
Cant be that everyone came males
I hope not if that happens gonna take them for seeds, what else can do right!!

I know they high % to be males
But a second opinion never hurts
Any advice and opinions it be appreciated and helpful
Thanks anticipated!!
Good vibes!!

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Can’t tell


Agree exactly with post above


new pic of the last plant !!
Better view!!

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I would have to concur with @PharmerBob, in that order

Updated most recent picture is a male.

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@PharmerBob gets the hatchet! haha.



Time to chop chop or the one will be full of seeds, unless that is what you want, Sorry brother


I’d say female,male,male, and male.