Male maturity vs female, pollen release

So I grew from random seeds and I now have two males that are three times the size and maturity of the one female. My buddy wants to keep a male plant. Since my female hasn’t started budding or even got close am I okay to let the males hang around another few weeks? It’s all outdoor in the southern United States.



I don’t know, but I’m curious myself. Someone who knows will answer you soon. Or maybe not. Anyway, welcome to the forum.

If you don’t want her pollinated and she will get fully loaded with pollen big time, get the males out carefully. I sac drop the pollen it will literally go everywhere which can effect your other grows if you don’t scrub everything down.

Been here before and I ended up pulling my 3 regular Landrace strain.

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If you want to guarantee seedless weed its a good idea to kill and destroy the males. However, I personally allow males to pollenate if! The females arent budding at all, aaand I can spray down everything really well with water. But as soon as I get pollen that plant is toast! This means I do intend to pollenate a bud or 2 and I wont be upset if I get the odd seed here and there. If the male flowers arent allowed to open and are picked off they cant mature to pollenate. But you cant miss even 1 flower! So if you want seedless bud you must get rid of them as soon as nuts are about to blossom! Its not worth the risk if the weed is for sale!

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I went ahead and plucked them about a week ago.

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