Male female too early to tell

I would like to know if this is a male or female plant

Both look male, but a few more pictures wouldn’t hurt so we’re sure.

Seeing male on the first. There’s a line right through where I want to see on the last pic. Looks like possible male too

I don’t know where that line came from.

Should I get rid of it ASAP if it is a male? It is growing next to a couple of autoflowers that are flowering.

It is a bag seed that’s 7 weeks from sprout.

I think you should go with your instincts :slight_smile:

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All boys, yes I’d get rid of them unless you want seeds.

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Yep. All of the updated pictures appear male. You can toss anytime you’d like. They’ll blow pollen eventually, but not likely yet as they’re not mature enough. They’ll likely blow pollen after initiating the flower schedule 12/12. If these are photoperiod.

Thank you very much I was afraid of that.

what can u tell or still a bit to early?